Teddy’s Story

Teddy, 8, had a very busy spring. He gave a PowerPoint presentation to his third-grade class about his favorite president, Abraham Lincoln (he also created a 3-D replica of the President using a soda bottle that a classmate deemed “the best”). He participated in a dance recital (he loves tap and ballet). He practiced his favorite songs on the piano, including She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain, a duet he plays with his sister, Lilly. He wrote a book about how to make cupcakes, and shared his favorite baking tips – and some samples of his tastiest creations – with his friends. And he learned how to swim at a community pool.

“I’m amazed by what Teddy can do,” says his mom, Ann. “He started reading at 18 months, and he participates in a regular class at school – he’s very good at math!”

Adds his dad, Jason: “He’s very caring. He wants to take care of everyone: his sister, his friends at school. He’s always looking out for other people.”

Teddy also has a gift for making others smile, his mom says: “This morning, I told him to put his shoes on, and he put his sister’s shoes on and came out in the hallway and stood there until he got a laugh.”

This year, Teddy is a Patient Champion for the CHOP Buddy Walk, the single largest fundraiser to support trisomy 21 care and research at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The event has always meant a lot to his family.

“We feel it’s important for families that share the common thread of Down syndrome to get together and support each other and have a presence in the community, so everyone can see how amazing kids with Down syndrome are,” Ann says. “If we set the bar high for our children, they will exceed our expectations.”