Top teams use the following strategies when planning their fundraisers:

  • Understand the community/target audience and try to identify something that might be of value or interest to them.
  • Publicize the fundraiser heavily.
  • Undertake the fundraiser with great enthusiasm — it’s infectious!
  • Pursue fundraising activities on a year-round, ongoing basis.

Sample fundraising ideas

Try putting together a CHOP Buddy Walk cookbook as a year-round fundraiser. Collect recipes from family and friends. The books can be produced for $2-$3 and can be sold for $8-$10 each.

Car Wash
Get your team together for a local car wash. Need a place to have it? Ask your local gas station or convenience store if you can use their parking lot!

Restaurants to the Rescue
Ask a local restaurant or café if they could hold a “CHOP Buddy Walk Night” in which a portion of the proceeds for the day benefits the event.

Dog Walkers
Have your team members walk the neighbors’ dogs for a donation. Many pet owners would appreciate the opportunity to have someone else take their dog for a long walk.

Poker Nights
Invite 10 people over for a round of charity poker. Send invitations explaining your CHOP Buddy Walk participation and request everyone bring $25-$40 mad money. If you can recruit the rest of your team to help you, try this on a larger scale and hold it in your church basement or local school. Provide refreshments.

Candy Bar Sales
Purchase candy from places like Sam’s Club or BJ’s or get it donated and sell it.

Craft Fairs
Set up a craft table at a local festival.

Envelopes at Restaurant Tables
Generate donations by placing a CHOP Buddy Walk brochure with an envelope at every table stating “Please Support our Buddy Walk Team and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.” Ask the wait staff to check envelopes after each seating.

Game Nights
Get your team together once a month for game night. A different team member hosts, with each team member bringing a food dish. Everyone pays $5 to play, with all the money going to your team.

Yard Sale
Hold a yard sale in your community. Your team’s junk could be someone else’s treasure! Think about inviting other teams to participate — the bigger the better!

Sports Event Party
Organize a sporting event party and ask everyone for a donation when they arrive. You can also do this for the basketball playoffs, Final Four, Super Bowl, Indy 500, Kentucky Derby, Masters final round, etc. This is an especially good idea for any team member with a big-screen TV.

Potluck Party
Have each team member invite at least 10 couples, including family, friends and neighbors, to a potluck dinner. Have team members provide dishes for the event, and ask each couple for a $20 donation.